Who is Moonira Hinglotwala? MasterChef 2018 contestant, pharmacist and mother of two

She developed a love of cooking from her mother who taught her traditional Indian recipes. Her other passion is baking – perhaps her next goal will be to make it on to Bake-Off! Moonira's pan fried sea trout has gone down just swimmingly with @JohnTorode1 #MasterChefUK pic.twitter.com/ …

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Spices Hut & Bawarchi under One Roof at Framingham, MA

Bawarchi Biryanis serves 40 different unique biryanis recipes Cooked with fresh Indian Spices with delectable flavors served to guests since from years and now in Framingham, MA. Framingham, MA Located just outside the Boston, Framingham is an old city in the eastern region of Massachusetts.

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The master and his chefs

She has a glass of wine and I end up cooking.” Mehigan was in India last month to launch his new show, his first Indian production, Masters Of Taste With Gary Mehigan, on Fox Life. In the show, Mehigan meets some of the country's top chefs in Mumbai and New Delhi to explore their recipes, styles and …

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Gudi Padwa 2018: Top 6 Maharastrian recipes by Chef Narayan Salunke

Talking about Indian cuisine he said, “Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines around the world. Travellers from across the world come to India to explore wide range of food options that India has to offer. What I like best about Indian food, is the variation in cuisine that differs in each state.

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Top 8 Authentic Delicacies You Should Give A Try On This Gudi Padwa

The best summer refreshment beverage in India, Aam Panha, is made up of fresh raw mangoes. It is a sweet and tangy drink which is prepared by boiling fresh mangoes. The cooked mango pulp is then added to the right amount of sugar, spices and water to create a sweet-spicy drink that will refresh …

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Carr: It’s been 4 years, Liz: Take a DNA test

In 2012, when she was running against Scott Brown, one of my guys tricked her into autographing a copy of “Pow Wow Chow” — the cookbook where she plagiarized her “Indianrecipes from a French chef who worked for The New York Times. She was campaigning in Kelley Square in Worcester when …

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To learn the secrets of East Indian food, you need to read this rare committee-written recipe book

As any East Indian will confirm, families have typically been reluctant to share their recipes, which are treasured and passed down as family secrets. That makes this book even more of a treasure – the recipes here have been compiled from several families in the community, referring to handwritten …

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