17 Shawarmas That You Want Inside You RIGHT NOW


Imagine this bad boy in your hand.



This colourful beauty.



This spicy señor.



It’s messy but it’s soooo good.



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You’ve Been Making Bacon Burgers Wrong Your Whole Life


Just in time for grilling season, The BBQ Pit Boys are serving up some ~serious~ barbecue realness with these stuffed burgers.

Are you hungry yet?

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First things first… you need your favorite beer in can form (don’t drink it just yet, it doesn’t work with empty cans), ground chuck beef, toppings, a grill, and a BIG ass appetite!

First things first... you need your favorite beer in can form (don't drink it just yet, it doesn't work with empty cans), ground chuck beef, toppings, a grill, and a BIG ass appetite!

Here’s a more detailed ingredient list.

BarbecueWeb / Via bbqpitboys.com

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16 Street Foods Everyone Must Try In Manchester

Get yerself some proper decent scran.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop

The Hip Hop Chip Shop

These Feastie Boys dish out fish and chips and all sorts of other grub from a 90s style boom box. Try their Shell L Cool J, which is a Louisiana spiced panko breadcrumb crab cake, battered smoky streaky bacon and homemade coleslaw in a brioche bun.

They’re serving at The Kitchens, Spinningfields and they do weddings and events too, so click here to find out more or follow them on Twitter.

Image by Hip Hop Chip Shop

Viet Shack

Viet Shack

Chicken, pork and beef laden with lemongrass and Vietnamese spices.
Dim sum, HUGE king summer prawn rolls and sticky coconut rice. Viet dogs topped with pickled veg and inventive dishes like slow cooked ribs or coke can chicken.

Find their legendary chef at Arndale Market, and you can follow them on Twitter to see which summer food events they’ll be popping up at.

Via Twitter: @vietshack

Honest Crust

Honest Crust

Their bubbling sourdough wood fired pizzas are brimming with tasty toppings.So much that they’ve been dubbed “jaw dropping” and “revelatory” and their simple Margherita is reason alone to visit Manchester.

Toppings vary depending on the freshest ingredients they can get on the day and they do fab antipasti and dips too. Get a pizza the action at Market House in Altrincham and on Facebook.

Via Facebook: Honest Crust

Bangers and Bacon

Bangers and Bacon

Want some piggy in your middle? You won’t go short at Bangers and Bacon. Try It Mush Pea Love or Don’t Go Bacon My Heart which is a double bacon chop with garlic and rosemary batter with slaw and mustard pickle.

Drop in to Guerrilla Eats, Shudehill on Saturdays where you can book chef’s table seats if you fancy a sit down treat. Also at Beat Street Manchester’s Friday Food Fight and their new spot in Spinningfields.

Image by Bangers and Bacon

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32 Mouthwatering Drunk Foods From Around The World

Most of it is fried. (Inspired by this Quora thread.)

Beijing: Chuan’r


Meat or vegetable skewers.


Philadelphia: Philly cheesesteak


Thin slices of beef, and cheese (American, Provolone, or Cheez-Whiz) on a long roll.


Mumbai: Bhurji-Pav


“Loosely translated as spiced, scrambled eggs and bread.” —Makarand Sahasrabuddhe


Sri Lanka: Kottu


Roti, vegetables, egg, meat, and spices, grilled and chopped up.


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60 Energy Drinks To Try In A Time Of Desperation

Drink hard or don’t even bother.

Here are some energy drinks to try if you value energy above all things.

Here are some energy drinks to try if you value energy above all things.

1. Heave
2. Fruit Venom
3. GO!!!
4. Metal Milk
5. Hot Soda
6. Bro
7. Rage Syrup
8. Burning Fire
9. Ouch Pouch
10. Violent Drink
11. Danger Liquid
12. Fury Boost
13. God Can’t Hear You Now
14. Rage Syrup
15. Whale Water
16. Swole-Ade
17. Nightmare Juice
18. Angry Blood
19. Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow
20. Dr. Faster Faster
21. Make It Stop
22. CafFiend
23. Muscle Cocaine
24. Harder!!
25. Murder Blast
26. 24-Hour Night Sweats
27. Drink Eruption
28. Face Punch
29. Mouth Scream
30. Pomegranate Pain
31. Silent Hell
32. Kiwi Straw-Very Painful
33. Palpitations
34. Krank It Faster
35. Zap Doctor
36. Torque!
37. Smackdown
38. NerdHurt
39. Pound Now
40. Drink!
41. Metal Throb
42. Serious Kondition
43. E-mergency Room
44. Auuuuuuggggggghhhhhh
45. Snake Hammer
46. Full Potential
47. Burpies
48. Leg Day
49. Scream Soda
50. Sudden Hurt
51. Skin Bruise
52. Irresponsible Spotter
53. Pound Town
54. Death Is Inevitable
55. Neon Fire
56. Ham Hands
57. Protein Earthquake
58. Meat
59. 8-Hour Struggle
60. Quik Numbness


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