Wholesome recipes you’ll be able to upload in New 12 months birthday party menu

So, switch your convenience meals with wholesome recipes. … That is an Indian recipe, in the neighborhood referred to as Sabut Masoor di Dal.

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Badam Kheer Recipe: Enjoy Festive Season with This Delicious & Super Healthy Sweet Dish

It's one of the most popular sweet dishes in India, almost across all the states. For any festival in India, kheer is a must, then why not for this celebration …

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10 Super Delicious and Easy to Cook Potato Recipes for All Occasions

Bread potato rolls is a tasty and easy to make north Indian recipe, which is made with bread & potatoes. To make potato rolls more delicious, you can …

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Indian Cooking Tips: Make Quick And Easy Gajar Ka Halwa In Just 15 Minutes (Recipe Video)

We wait all through summers to binge on gajar ka halwa in winters. It is a winter-special dessert made with seasonal carrots that are naturally a little …

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Eat healthy to stay healthy: Five healthy recipes for your New Year celebration

Choosing healthy recipes may help you lead a healthy life. But worried … This is an Indian recipe, locally known as Sabut Masoor di Dal. This is the …

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