I like to think Indian food is better understood now than 30 years ago, says Sameen Rushdie

Your cookbook weaves mouth-watering recipes with stories of your family's … What do you think makes your book distinct from the crowd of Indian …

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Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes For Even The Most Unskilled Bakers

Here are some easy recipes to try that even the most unskilled bakers should be able to pull off. And if not … there's always the ol' “buy the damn …

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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Restaurant-Style Butter Chicken At Home (Recipe Video)

Think of Indian non-vegetarian curries and butter chicken would immediately come to your mind. It is a hot-favourite desi dish that has people drooling …

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Christmas Special Recipe: How to Make Panettone in Easy Steps

This is the season when everyone is looking forward to some plum pudding, Christmas cake and mulled wine. If you want to be everyone's favorite this …

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Book Review : Daastan-e-Dastarkhan

… this book by a former Masterchef India contestant will answer all your queries. … There are 30 recipes to choose from that unravel the history and cooking … Also, vegetarians rejoice—this book includes plenty of green recipes.

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Chef Shri Bala rekindles recipes for King’s feasts from ancient royal kitchens of South India

Chennai-born Shri Bala has been cooking food ever since she was nine and seeing her interest, her mother suggested her to pursue her bachelors in …

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