Paneer Butter Fry Recipe – Butter Fried Cottage Cheese

Paneer Butter Fry Recipe is one of the Low Carb Diet Recipes. This recipe can also be considered as an evening snack, starters, and kids recipe.

paneer butter fry

The last one week was amazing. We took a much-needed break and went on a long weekend getaway. In fact, I should say it was a weekday getaway rather than a weekend getaway.

It so happened that my sister and her husband happened to come down to Bangalore from Kolkata. It wasn’t really a planned trip. In fact, it just happened.

It happens so many times in our lives, that we just feel like getting away from everything, and just go on a break. Far away from every one of those daily mundane activities, the routine work, and office.

Paneer Butter Fry

And a lot of times, it happens that we plan and plan and plan only to finally realize that everything flopped. Such instances create a lot of frustration.

But I have noticed that such frustrating situations are the ones that lead to some of your most memorable and interesting experiences.

My sister was in a similar situation and when she was staring at that frustrating moment, what first came to her mind was to come over to my place in Bangalore.

And it turned out to be a beautiful 5 days that we all spent together.

We traveled over to Chikmagalur, went on a Jungle Safari, had some very tasty food and spent some nice time talking to each other after a long time.

Oh! and yes. We spent a beautiful evening near a bonfire and did some nice barbeque (while Dilip, my sister and her husband.. all the three of them has some chicken and fish, I enjoyed my Paneer, Baby Corn, and Baby potatoes along with my little daughter).

I will post some of those pics and also write about the entire experience, sometime later this week.

When life gets monotonous and boring and you feel that you are stuck on a treadmill, the easiest thing to break loose is to get into your car and just drive off. And that was precisely what we did.

Onto the recipe for this week.

Paneer Butter Fry Recipe – Butter Fried Cottage Cheese

Paneer Butter Fry Recipe is one of the Low Carb High Fat Diet Recipe. This recipe can be served as a main course, while on diet. But at the same time, this recipe can also be served as snacks. Since it has lots of cheese and butter, one of the favorite dishes for kids. Not only this you can always welcome your guest with this mouth-watering recipe as a starter. So let’s jump straight into the recipe now.

Paneer Butter Fry Recipe – Butter Fried Cottage Cheese

Yield: 1-2


  • Cottage Cheese/Paneer – 200 gm (cut in small cubes)
  • Shallots – 3 (peeled and cut in round shape)
  • Green chilli – 2 (finally chopped)
  • Ginger-garlic paste – 1 teaspoon
  • Butter – as per required
  • Cheese – to taste
  • Salt – to taste


  1. Heat butter in a pan.
  2. Add ginger-garlic paste, saute until the raw smell goes off.
  3. Now add onion, green chilli and salt. Fry for few minutes.
  4. Add paneer and fry until slight brown.
  5. Once done take it out in a plate, top it up with grated mozerella cheese.
  6. You can also serve this along with cherry tomatoes if you want to.
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