14 Hard Ciders That Are Even Better Than Beer

Beer? Beer who?

ACE Premium Hard Ciders


Based in Sonoma County, they have been holding their own next to top winemakers for 15 years. With seven tasty ciders, including pumpkin, the flavor is anything but basic.


Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider


In addition to the classics, Crispin has created a line of artisinal reserves, which includes “The Saint” — it smells like a beer but added maple syrup gives it a sweet smoothness to the fruity tang.

instagram.com / Via crispincider.com

Foggy Ridge Cider


Treating their apples as a winemaker does their grapes, the apples are grown specifically for their tannins, giving even their sweetest ciders a bit of bite.


Westcott Bay Traditional Cider


Washington is known for its fantastic apples, and the ones in Westcott Bay Cider are no exception. Made in the style of champagne, it is mildly sweet with fresh apple flavor and a smack of smoke.


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Diet and nutrition affect risks for cancer, diabetes and obesity (healthy recipe included)

These two diseases, common in American Indian communities across the nation, are contributing to some of the highest rates of cancer in American …

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29 Food Pics That’ll Make You Tingle With Pleasure


Let’s start with some eggs. Here’s a beautiful arrangement of shiny egg yolks.

Let's start with some eggs. Here's a beautiful arrangement of shiny egg yolks.

Creative commons: Flickr: limarie

Or this deliciously round egg yolk that fits perfectly in the sink.



Here’s an egg yolk being plucked out of the egg.

Here's an egg yolk being plucked out of the egg.



Here is some ~super~ gooey cheese streaming out onto the plate.

Here is some ~super~ gooey cheese streaming out onto the plate.

Flickr: burgtender

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This Is Why Fast Food Chains Should Merge

Move over, KFC-Taco Bell.

McDonald’s + Chipotle = McPolte’s

McDonald's + Chipotle = McPolte's

Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

Burger King + Dunkin’ Donuts = Dunking Burgnuts

Burger King + Dunkin' Donuts = Dunking Burgnuts

Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

Domino’s + Sonic = Dominonic’s

Domino's + Sonic = Dominonic's

Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

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Founder Of Weight Watchers Dies At 91

Jean Nidetch, who founded Weight Watchers in 1963, died Wednesday at her Florida home.

Jean Nidetch at her home in Parkland, Fla. in 2011.

Alan Diaz / AP

Jean Nidetch, founder of the global weight-loss company, Weight Watchers, died at her Florida home on Wednesday. She was 91.

The concept for Weight Watchers was hatched in 1961 when Nidetch, who described herself as an “overweight housewife obsessed with cookies,” was 38 and weighed more than 200 pounds. She decided to shed the pounds and enlisted a group of six friends who also wanted to lose weight to meet in her living room in Queens, New York and provide each other with moral support.

Nidetch had always struggled with her weight and experimented with countless “fad diets.” She even tried a 10-week diet at an obesity clinic but could not stop eating Mallomars, chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies, The New York Times reported.

It wasn’t until a neighbor mistook her for being pregnant in 1961, that Nidetch finally decided to do something about her weight.

Within two months, 40 women were meeting weekly at Nidetch’s home to chart their weight-loss and help to keep each other accountable, according to an obit on the Weight Watchers website.

She wound up losing 72 pounds and in 1963 launched Weight Watchers. Today the company holds 36,000 meetings each week and operates in about 30 countries.

In 1968, the company went public and 10 years later was sold to the H.J. Heinz company for $71.2 million, The New York Times reported. Nidetch continued to be the international face of the company until 1984.

She wrote three books, established a couple of university scholarship programs and in her later years she continued as a consultant to the company she founded.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed March 25, 2013, as “Weight Watchers Founder Celebration Day” to honor Nidetch.

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The Best Guilty Pleasure Food In 25 Different Countries

Live every day like it’s fry-day.

Coxinha, Brazil


This delicious Brazilian street food has everything a late night indulgence needs: warm, savory filling, flaky buttery pastry, all rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. Dip it in fresh salsa for a final touch.


Nutella Snack and Drink, Italy


If you thought the typical Nutella Snack & Go was everything you needed in life, you were wrong. Italian supermarkets offer a level up: the Nutella Snack & Drink, which features the regular breadstick and Nutella helping, plus a built in iced tea.


Pizza-La, Japan


This Japanese pizza chain is undeniably epic, offering such gems as the “Sausage Rim Bacon Potato” and “Wild Salmon and Cream Cheese” pies.


Patatje oorlog, Holland


The name means “war chips” in Dutch, so you know this greasy delight is serious. Holland has a decent list of chip-cased dishes, but this combo of fried potato, onion, mayo, and peanut sauce has to take the cake.


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23 Desk Lunches That Will Make You Weep


These Nik Naks dunked in sewage soup.



These sad noodles being boiled in a coffee pot.

These sad noodles being boiled in a coffee pot.


This can of some unsanitary substance that could have been yummy tuna.



This soup that met its end way too soon.



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